July 1, 2008

HMV is live!

It’s live and it’s now an open beta so anyone can join.

The doors were closed as we built the feature set to a sensible point, but now they’re open!

Got to and start to play. If you just want to see what it’s about you can visit the tour here without having to register.

The site is aimed music and film fans who like collecting, who want to broaden their knowledge and deepen their relationship with the things they love. It’s also aimed at aficionados, those that are domain experts, music and film creators and people who just want to be in the know.

HMV - User Profile

For the past year LBi have been working with HMV to conceive, build, seed and launch their new social property It’s a beta, so there is still lots to do, the data and product catalogue that sits behind it needs a little work, but it’s now ready to unleash on the world so that the community can start driving the development, helping add content, improving the tags, data, descriptions etc..

HMV - Connections Tool

I won’t go into the details as to what the site does etc, the tour can do that, but what I will say is this; it’s been one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on. Building a community of this type has it’s usual design challenges, not least that you need to build a community and to do that you need content, but you need content from the community!

HMV have been a fantastic client and the LBi team have been awesome. We used an agile development methodology that saw us release features every 2-4 weeks, slowly build a community, user test, evolve, sharpen.

HMV - User DNA

As I say, there is lots to do though not just with the website as the idea behind getcloser translates to many channels; in store, on mobile and others. It will plug into existing social properties, blog tools and the desktop.

The relationship with HMV has been brilliant, long may it continue,

I very much look forward to taking Getcloser forward, but now it’s live it’s ‘hand’s off the steering wheel’ as my colleague Stephen Barber would say, to see how people respond to it. We’ll be making hot fixes and planning a new set of features that aid the tools there already, as well as developing new ones.


June 3, 2008

LBi Move House

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A ‘company man’ post today I’m afraid. Sorry it’s been a while, but things have been crazybusy.

Amongst all sorts of things work and family related, I’ve a new role here at work so have been deep in transition/handover etc. More later on that (he says as if it’s interesting).

But, down to the ‘move’… it’s finally happened.

After a year of planning, building and changing plans LBi (we) have finally moved into the new shiny office space in Brick Lane. We’ve taken over the Atlantis Building in Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery

Apologies for the pic quality but I shot these from my LG Viewty. They’re okay, just not great.

Boardroom on the bridge

LBi - Ground Floor

LBi - Reception (viewed from mezz)

LBi - 3rd Mezzanine and 2nd Floor

LBi - Terrace

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr if you so fancy. Of the prospective 400+ seats only the guys on the ground floor have moved in so far, so there are lots of empty seats.

It’s a really important step for the agency having previously been split across three London offices (2 in Clerkenwell, 1 in Kensington). As a consequence of the merger between Framfab, LB Icon and Wheel running the business across 3 locations was challenge to say the least. But we did it and now we’re moving into one place.

I’ve been here 1 day and I’m very excited about our future. This place is awesome.

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