April 25, 2008

Shopping cart goes high-tech

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This is old news, which I was meant to blog about it last year but you know how life is. 


This project has got my attention because it affects majority of the British population. Who do you know who doesn’t shop at a supermarket?


It would be interesting to know whether they used personas. I can image at least 4/5 are needed, obviously this will be analysed through user research!


My made up personas are (This is tongue in cheek):

  1. The speedy frenetic, trolley bashing mum of 4.
  2. The hard partying mad student.
  3. The professional who works hard plays hard and has a taste for the finer things in life.
  4. Maybe an Oliver loving granny.
  5. Not forgetting the healthy eating earth loving dude.


Another point of interest is whether the designers will take into account the full life cycle of the users. For me this starts from the minute the user wakes up to the minute they go to sleep, in fact 24 hours.


What am I on about!?!


Well, because people love food/eating and their day is planned around food, this system could have touch points throughout people’s lives from being at home, on the move, at work, socialising etc. So, in the end it’s not just a helpful dashboard sitting on a random trolley throwing out suggestions and information but it becomes an experience.



User will have an online shopping account. Part of his account has a shopping organiser, which has his weekly preference setting. Let’s say £40, moderately healthy, no seafood, no responsibilities, 60 min cooking time (average for the week), randomness, moderate etc


This account can be accessed online anywhere. The great thing about this is that whilst shopping, all he has to do is sign into the dashboard and it will tell him what’s on the menu today and show him where to get the ingredients in the shop. At home he can go online to his account and it will show him how to cook the dinner.


He receives a call from his parents whilst travelling. They inform that they will be coming for dinner in 3-4 hours. Then and there he could interact with his account (via hand held devices) inputting his new needs*. Parents – 4 hours – like red meat etc. Then the food could be delivered to his home, when he gets home he manages to cook it just in time for his parents


So what I’m saying is that this should not be just a helpful dashboard on a trolley but more of a life enhancing experience between the people, eating and shopping.  



* Let’s hope he’s not driving at the time!


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