August 13, 2008

WordPress release iPhone app

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So, not exactly breaking news but I thought it was about time I finally tested this little app out on the way to work.

Initial impressions are ok I’m wondering how to get photos off my camera into the middle of this paragraph but local draft saving means I can step out and investigate further.

I love the principal of this app. My main barrier to blogging is convenience. Often it’s whilst on the train, having a coffee, waiting for the missus to get ready my brain will wonder and so far mobile blogging has failed to deliver an coherent cross device application/ toolset that can facilitate a easy blogging experience.

So hopefully this is it! No more half hearted efforts or maybe this is where I find out actually I am just not a blogger.

And yes I know the photo ain’t great but it’s a representaion of where I am now as I blog!

(UPDATE: the spell checker function does not for some reason seem to work as well as in other apps)



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