September 14, 2008

Connecting taxi driver knowledge to the Satnav interface.

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Driving back from town today, I came across a trainee taxi driver, on his scooter with a clipboard attached to the windshield. He was clearly ‘doing the knowledge’, which entails driving around streets of London to learn where they are and how they relate to each other.

And it occured to me, as I saw the streets and areas on his clipboard, that he was clearly in the process of a kind of mnemonics – gaining spatial knowledge through experience and placing memorys onto landmarks and junctions. As a result, the London cabbie is the probably the best Satnav system in the city.

What could we learn from them about wayfinding? Could we work with cabbies on the design of Satnav interfaces? Their knowledge of the city, rooted in reality and lines of sight, is much more valuable for wayfinding, and could help to aliviate the notion that Satnavs “…disengage users from their environment” as described by Leshed, Velden, Rieger, Kot, & Sengers at CHI2008


August 13, 2008

WordPress release iPhone app

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So, not exactly breaking news but I thought it was about time I finally tested this little app out on the way to work.

Initial impressions are ok I’m wondering how to get photos off my camera into the middle of this paragraph but local draft saving means I can step out and investigate further.

I love the principal of this app. My main barrier to blogging is convenience. Often it’s whilst on the train, having a coffee, waiting for the missus to get ready my brain will wonder and so far mobile blogging has failed to deliver an coherent cross device application/ toolset that can facilitate a easy blogging experience.

So hopefully this is it! No more half hearted efforts or maybe this is where I find out actually I am just not a blogger.

And yes I know the photo ain’t great but it’s a representaion of where I am now as I blog!

(UPDATE: the spell checker function does not for some reason seem to work as well as in other apps)


November 16, 2007

Kindle me up

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e-books a go go with Amazon.

Sounds crap.  I’ve not done much looking into this – indeed I may never look any further.  But.  On the face of it.  An electronic device that let’s you download e-books to it from Amazon.  It’s got wi-fi… Yeaaa.

November 5, 2007

iPhone zoomy web or taylored mobile web?

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I bumped into a friend last week. He runs a company that designs and builds online promos and games.

“Do much mobile stuff?” I said.
He shrugged his shoulders. “nah – there’s no point anymore…” at which point he produced a gleamingly hacked iPhone “…when you can have full internet.”
He began to wildly zoom and drag and twist an inderciphiferble webpage, until I could see a number of links which were now completely out of context.

It’s would be bizarre product design if it weren’t for our preconceptions of the web. And if this attitude is widely held, it could restrain the development of contextual web apps.

So its straw poll time. Which camp are you in?

1. Full mobile internet, no conversion to mobile screens, thanks – let me see what i’m used to on the desktop
2. Taylored mobile internet – allowing me to have a contextual mobile web experience, with the least number of clicks drags and zooms

answers below please!

October 24, 2007

Power to the people!

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No surprising news here (for me anyway), social networking communities are helping to push consumers to online retails (etailers). Why? Well because Social networks have magical powers that enable people to create new friendship; amend old ones; sustain current ones and finally but importantly bring like-minded people together. On top of this, sites such as bebo and facebook provide additional features through mash-ups with other sites such as
, tripadvisor, LastFM etc (that web2.0 stuff) that showcases people’s likes/interest, what they have been up to, the latest trends and so on, which helps push services and products. Add to this the fact that the best recommendations comes from friends or someone you know and trust, makes social network sites a new channel for companies to increase their revenues.

October 12, 2007

So long second floor

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I had a great time and I’ll see you around and who knows maybe after I’m finished travelling around eco-systems I’ll end up back up here.

October 11, 2007

Your avatar will soon be a mall rat

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This is an interesting article about IBM’s plans for taking virtually world to the next step.

Just wait. Within five years, you may be able to send in a digitized alter ego to kick the tires, ask questions and do your shopping in a virtual world.  

This is good news for people who have difficulty ‘getting out and about’ due to disabilities, time constraints, commitments, living in remote places, etc. They will be able to have a similar (or perhaps better?) experience without leaving the comfort of their own homes. 

But I can’t help but ask “is this really good news for society as a whole??”…..

October 5, 2007

Home-Based Contact Center Agents Rapidly Becoming Mainstream

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Wow a printer that can print out 3D objects using lasers. “erm I need to buy a base ball bat, I know I will just print one out” From a UEA point of view this would be a nice feature to have when designing a prototype such has a hand held device for testing, look and feel etc. When and if it ever comes out I imagine that this machine will cost the same price of a house. 

October 3, 2007

FOWA conference blog: Insight #2

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Another great quote from FOWA by

Matthew Haughey, MetaFilter says…

“Be the third place; people have home, work and a third community or social attachment. This can be a car enthusiast club, a WoW guild or a website community. Make something they’ll want to spend time on everyday.”

FOWA conference blog: Interesting speach summary #1

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We’ve Got This Community: Now What? (Heather Champ & Derek Powazek)

Stories from flickr and others on what they learned from their community

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