September 14, 2008

Connecting taxi driver knowledge to the Satnav interface.

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Driving back from town today, I came across a trainee taxi driver, on his scooter with a clipboard attached to the windshield. He was clearly ‘doing the knowledge’, which entails driving around streets of London to learn where they are and how they relate to each other.

And it occured to me, as I saw the streets and areas on his clipboard, that he was clearly in the process of a kind of mnemonics – gaining spatial knowledge through experience and placing memorys onto landmarks and junctions. As a result, the London cabbie is the probably the best Satnav system in the city.

What could we learn from them about wayfinding? Could we work with cabbies on the design of Satnav interfaces? Their knowledge of the city, rooted in reality and lines of sight, is much more valuable for wayfinding, and could help to aliviate the notion that Satnavs “…disengage users from their environment” as described by Leshed, Velden, Rieger, Kot, & Sengers at CHI2008


September 9, 2008


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