September 11, 2007

Tom Coates @ d-construct

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Product manager of Yahoo:Brickhouse

Other start-ups;

Google earth

Everyone of these sites or services we think of as a site but they have all broken the frame of the browser – into desktop apps, physical devices, other sites etc.

They have also become platforms that other people can build on, and something that’s making money.

Your site is not your product – its bigger than that
Plying well with others – part of a web of data
Paths through a web of data
Turning paths into navigation
Collaborative design practice

What is the web of data?

A web of pages > a web of data

Web is connected by services and apis and data is not limited to pages or browser but it can manifest itself through it

The human face of the web abd the data behind it is becoming increasingly merged.

A web of data sources, services for exploring and manipulating that data and ways that people can connect them together.


The site, IM, on phone and twitterific.

The product is a way for people to keep in touch, the website is one facet. 90% of twitter activity comes from APIs!!!

Pownce is very similar.
Flickr is similar – into photoframes in your home, into moo cards, widgets, badges, phone updaters, desktop clients its all over the place!

Last FM. The experience is the desktop client, the personalised radio, people barely use the site

The world of tomorrow

The Web of Data bleeds into the real world

A physical object responds or visualises data from network
Interacting with physical object allows people to directly change the data on the network Wattson
citizen weather reporting

Playing well with others
Or why its good to design for recombination


Drive people to your service
Because people will pay fot them
As advertising or to put yourself into the middle of an ecosystem
Makes your service more attractive with less central development

This is all important because playing is massively important for communication and sharing.

Network effects

Every new service can build on top of every other existing service – the web is a proper platform

fireeagle – check it out
twittermaps – fun fun fun

capturing metadata around your activity. Geotagging UGC. Ace
use it to enhance search results.

ICBM silos – check this out. On wikipedia. If you wanted you could find your nearest ICBM silos – if the desire so took you!

Family and friends widgets, keep track of your friends by location.

Paths through the web of data

So.. a site is not your product, your product extend, merge, involve itself with other products

There are lots of benefits to being the definitive source (gracenote for music, amazon for product) services are easier to compete with.

Building a dataset:
Open a dataset you own
Build one with users
Enhance one dataset with another

Datasets by their nature, more useful the bigger they are, but it means problems are scaled.

Flicker has 1,350,000,000 photos – how do you navigate? Get more data!!

Capturing metadata

Data created during production of object (exif data)
Data you derive from direct analysis of the thing concerned (facial, speech recognition, working with user to collaboratively work)

Battery is dy……


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  1. He’s going to speak in Barcelona again – a panel this time.

    Comment by Bersi — September 12, 2007 @ 3:40 pm

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