September 10, 2007

dcontruct take away (express)

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Here what I took away from the day out in Brighton (dcontruct):

Jared Spool (The Dawning of the Age of Experience)

– He emphazised the importance of embracing mistakes and celebrating them even. I heard Warren and Will go on about it but I think as a whole we could work on that

– The concept of an editor as part of the cycle. I haven’t seen that implemented so far really so I’d be interested to knwo what he exactly means

– Experience is worth investing in as it may be invisible but it does turn your customer into your biggest salesforce

– Good design can be learned from experts but isn’t open to introspection

– ‘Genius design’ can possibly anticipate user research results

Peter Merholz (Experience Strategies)

– It’s often harder to find the problem than the solution. If we find the real problem the solution will be easy. If the problem seams simple, we haven’t found the right problem yet.

– Products are people: give them a personality. Knowing who they are will have an equally attracting effect on a product as self acceptance in a person

– Always, always, always set a vision for a project. That will allow you to design from the outside in instead of from technological solution out.

Leisa Reichelt (Waterfall bad, Washing Machiene Good)

– assumption is the mother of all fuck ups therefore agile processes are better in correcting those wrongly assumed problems and solutions

– there are people that are not ‘build’ for agile

Cameron Moll (Good vs. Great Design)

– Good: Communication vs Great: Meaning (provide a scale and context)

– Good: Machiene efficiency vs Great: User efficiency (design outside in for user not inside out from machiene)

– Good: Typefaces vs. Great: Typography (good typography transforms information into knowledge)

– Don’t intruduce unnecessary steps to the interface (Example: User heating up water in a microwave. Typing in 1.10 takes longer than 1.11. Learning: Avoid adding ‘0’ to your interface)

– Good: Homogenity vs Great: Hierachy (if you can get the information hierachy from the blurred screen or by squinting, you’ve done well)

Tom Coates (Designing for a Web of Data)

– Your website is not your product. It goes way beyond that (into twitter, cards, etc)

– Play well with others (make 3rd party integration part of your strategy)

– Create paths through a web of data (go away from hierachical structured data)/ turn path into navigation


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  1. “The concept of an editor as part of the cycle” – if that means what I think it does, then watch out for my Euro IA poster…

    Comment by Jonathan — September 10, 2007 @ 12:02 pm

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