September 7, 2007

Jared Spool @ d-construct

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Ok this is shorter than it should be cos the wireless dropped and i lost teh post..i’ll amend later.

Successful Experience Design

Its the marriage of user and business needs – we know this but business are not ready to cope. Boardrooms are starting to take notice though as the success of things like the iPod and netflix.

Chicken sexing

ITs stunning to think about! boring to watch. 97% accuracy – but they have no idea how to explain it.

Other Chicken sexing Phenomena –

midwives. hands on the stomach and guessing is more accurate than any other technology.
WW2 plane spotters – detecting enemy planes – again don’t know how to train
Sushi chefs – all of these people learn by osmosis

Design falls into this pattern. Experience design is learned yet not open to inspection.

Netflix – one of the first to use ajax, no one talks about this. one of the first to integrate social network that wasn’t just hi, how are you, good. u, great. bye. see ya. laterz. no one talks about the things that make netflix great..because

when something is designed well people dont think about it…eg air con when it works, its not noisy, too hot you don’t think about it. On intelligence the book covers this thinking very well. its all about patterns, what we expect, only when a prediction is not proven to we realise somethings wrong (with what we expect/want)

Flights. Seattle lots of them in AUS and America. Now…AUS is not part of the US (not yet….unless they discover oil…….). Sites eg hertz have probs wiht this – disambiguation sucks, its a guessing game. database issues – what does this have to do with experience design? T&C, of course we all read these, 20 pages of drivel in a completely unreadable format.

they are all completely unusable – who writes this stuff? lawyers, we can’t expect them to know how to do great experience design.

SW airlines cracked it. they wrote it in ENGLISH. what were the lawyers thinking they must have been taking mushrooms. Its stunning, we can teach lawyers, databasers, how to do good experience design.

Experience need..

Great Copy writers
Information Architects
Fast Iteration management (agile….;))
Usability practices
Interaction Designers
Information designers
Visual designers

Domain Knowledge
Business knowledge
Social networks
Use cases
Agile methods

Design teams are smaller than ever but we need FAR more skills

Successful design is a multi disciplinary thing.

FEMA – check out teh Jon Stewart Daily show from September 38th 2005 – excellent.

Successful Experince Design is Cultural – its the most difficult part

When we see companies struggling experience design we need to let them know that th cultural needs to embrace failure. If we don’t make mistakes we don’t learn, by celebrating these failures you get benefits.

Traditionally its shunned. By embracing them and learning from it we move forward. this is just one cultural aspect.

Recap. We need to

Integrate teh user and the business
is learned and not open to introspection
is invisible
is multidisciplnary
is cultural

is something we’re still learning how to do

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  1. Wow, pretty full blown summary. Here what I found particularly interesting from Jared

    – He emphazised the importance of embracing mistakes and celebrating them even. I heard Warren and Will go on about it but I think as a whole we could work on that

    – The concept of an editor as part of the cycle. I haven’t seen that implemented so far really so I’d be interested to knwo what he exactly means

    – Experience is worth investing in as it may be invisible but it does turn your customer into your biggest salesforce

    – Good design can be learned from experts but isn’t open to introspection

    – ‘Genius design’ can possibly anticipate user research results

    Comment by bersi — September 10, 2007 @ 11:01 am

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