August 29, 2007

How to engaging staff when building a site for them?

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We are trying to engage the staff of a new site we are building. To do this we are giving them access to a community site we have set up. There will potentially be hundreds of employees so instead of just letting them loose to comment in the community we want to give them something that they can provide feedback on.

We are in quite a unique position having all these eager people waiting to get involved. We have a few ideas of what we might do to engage them but I wanted to ask if anyone else has any ideas of what they would do if they we in this position. I would love to hear all your ideas.



  1. I would definitely involve some kind of paper prototype, or since there is going to be loads of them maybe some kind of game you could break people up into teams and then there would be a prize for the winning team.

    Comment by rayelle — August 31, 2007 @ 10:44 am

  2. Thanks for you comment Ray. We are going to engage the users online so unfortunatley at this stage we can’t do paper prototypes, although I agree that we should definatley do paper prototyping with them at some stage.

    Interesting you should say break them up into teams, one suggestion has been to break them into groups and ask them to look at different music and film websites and then have them tell us what it is they like and dislike about these sites.

    If you have anymore ideas along these lines it would be great to hear them.

    Comment by karen — August 31, 2007 @ 12:26 pm

  3. I guess we want them to be recommending the site to the customers in-store? Perhaps it’s worth asking them how they would engage customers in the site – at the counter, or anywhere in-store. Or what would be the killer feature that would encourage them to talk to customers about it.
    What would make them proud to wear avatar names on their name badges

    and back to the software box idea too – the adaptive path technique – what would they put on the site’s software packaging

    Comment by danielharris — September 2, 2007 @ 9:03 pm

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