June 2, 2007

Street Level Features on Google Maps & Panaramio Purchase

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Quick one this morning as I’m just about to leave the house to buy my sister a birthday present (too much information).

Two things, firstly Google is planning to buy Panaramio the geo-tagging photo service that you often see in Google Earth. It’s curious to me that they’re planning to buy Panaramio rather than build geo-tagging functionality into Picasa.

Very strange.

Also, check out the Street Level features now available in major US cities on Google Maps.

You can now zoom down to street level and drag/pan/zoom your way along the street and see building fronts all the way. Zoom in and you can even read signs.

This is cool and it’s interesting to think where this might go when you consider the Panaramio purchase. These pictures in Street Level are obviously bespoke, geo-tagged shots commissioned by Google. But Panaramio opens the doors to user generated content filling the gaps.

I can’t see Google paying for the shots in my home town, so maybe UGC via Panaramio will will that gap.

the gap between online mapping services and 3D virtual globes continues to fuzz.

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  2. To get pictures taken in more locations, there could be some brand of advertising in the picture itself, or they are given a certain amount of advertising for the project.

    People seem to be concerned about privacy issues concerning having their pictures posted regarding this project.

    To address concerns of privacy and for the sake of operating system competition I wrote a post on the Google Maps Zoom Feature and what it could be renamed.

    Comment by Thomas — June 2, 2007 @ 12:22 pm

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