May 9, 2007

a long time coming?

Filed under: accessibility, UI — gavinedwardsuk @ 9:51 am

I and various other members of the team read in the metro this morning about a ‘blinding idea for a porn site’. Excuse the pun, i couldn’t resist but i guess this has indeed been ‘a long time coming’.

The X-rated site features erotic sotries read out by scantily clad women. Users can also listen to graphic descriptions of saucy photos. For those who are not blind but are visually impaired, a ‘zoom’ button lets them get up close and personal to the images. The site even provides subtitles on adult movies for deaf subscribers

After a little investigation this mroning it turns out the site has a full accesibility statement and aside from saying it complies with AAA standards with fully compliant XHTML and CSS, also offers color themes and a high contrast version.

Up to 140 million people worldwide are unable to use the internet because they have visual or hearing impairments and hope to tap into this lucrative market

So, accessibiltiy meets the adult industry, odd in some respects it took so long seeing as this business has been a mainstay of the internet for some time.


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  1. Well we had porn-o, now we have porn-two-point-o…

    Comment by Andy — May 9, 2007 @ 10:05 am

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