May 2, 2007

Shozu Using Captcha

Filed under: accessibility, web — Warren Hutchinson @ 9:11 am

I was just re-downloading Shozu to my phone so that I can send images directly to Flickr, video to You Tube and other stuff to my blog on WordPress when I was presented with the following madness:

Shozu Using Captcha

Originally uploaded by Snowbadger.

Captcha is not the most accessible of form validation, bot-destroying nonsense in any form, but this use of hieroglyphics astounded me. I have the feeling that anyone with dyslexia would be sent into a tailspin. It certainly made me think.

The best solution I ever heard of was the use of a field that users wouldn’t see and bots would, bots would fill it in and thus render the form submission invalid – I can’t remember where I saw this though.


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  1. staying one step ahead of the bots is difficult although i’m not sure this is the best solution in the world either!

    Simple questions won’t stand the test of time either as far as i am concerned as a)we can never assume that people will know the answer to everything and b) bots can tap into other services to ask the questions, ie type captial – france into Google and you get the answer

    hidden fields taht trip up bots as they see them but the user doesn’t is clever but agani if a bot programmer was clever enough this is easy to get around by analysing the CSS as part of the process.

    its a tricky problem…brainstorm anyone?

    Comment by gavinedwardsuk — May 2, 2007 @ 9:36 am

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