April 30, 2007

Touch sensitive UI for OSX leopard???

Filed under: ideas, innovation, UI — gavinedwardsuk @ 10:01 am

Latest news on the rumor mill is that Apple are working on ‘top-secret’ *cough* iphone style touch screen features across their desktop range. see original article here:.

It raises some interesting questions about what the future of physical inmteraction could be in a desk based environment. Like the article says, i can’t imagine any of us sitting here using a touch screen all day, its just not practical right now, however if Johnathon Ive and his team are working hand in hand with the User Experience Evangelists at Apple (and i was happy when i got architect in my job title) then i’m sure we could start to see some ‘soft’ integration of touch features.

So now all they need to ensure is that i dont my grubby paws all over my monitor straight after a greasy burger king…


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  1. If I remember rightly they bought in the expertise behind the now defunct FingerWorks ( and integrated it into the iPhone. So I would expect they already have much more advanced UI and sophisticated hardware in development, waiting to be rolled out. Probably dependent on (1) market acceptance – the iPhone will go a long way to getting users up to speed with touchscreen interfaces and (2) price.

    Comment by stephenhellens — April 30, 2007 @ 10:20 am

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